邵琮傑 SHAO Tsung-Jie





Life spreads out its branches and leaves little by little, again and again. On its journey of exploration, there are unknown areas, also breakthroughs to be made. Absorbing nutrients continuously, thinking and digesting them, transforming them into blazing energy of enthusiasm, with the energy I make effort to stretch, grow stronger and enrich the form and color of life.


The question of "how to become an independent creator" continues to hover around me, who has just changed his student status and stepped into society. From the beginning of my new stage, I have met many new friends and benefactors. Getting along with them pushed me away from the state of stagnation, stimulated my overloaded senses, and accelerated my pausing thoughts.


When time, place, or emotion changes, the tangled and messy thread gradually gets a clue. I pull hard, looking forward to find the lost key to the answer. Sitting by the desk, pulling and pulling, immersing myself in the process of getting down to the bottom, dreaming of the final result, generating various fantasies, and turning them into motivation to continue.


2020 大葉大學造形藝術研究所 畢業

2017大葉大學造形藝術學系 畢業

2013台南第二高級中學 畢業



2020.10 台中市政府文化局 第25屆大墩美展 雕塑類 優選

2019.11 桃園市政府文化局 第37屆桃源美展 雕塑類 第二名

2019.11 台中市政府文化局 第24屆大墩美展 雕塑類 第一名

2018.10 嘉義市政府文化局 第22屆桃城美展 雕塑類 優選

2018.7  台中市巧聖先師魯班公獎木雕類新秀組  佳作



2021「One Art 藝術博覽會」 美丘美朮.台北

2021「台南藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘

2020「第六屆雲.想.藝『我的時代』」 .台北


2019「2019 ONE ART TAIPEI 藝術博覽會」.台北






2016「From another world」  聯展.三義

2016「14.1刻」  聯展.台南