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作品:嗯!起風了 . ..

Artwork:Uh! It’s windy . ..


Media:Cinnamomum camphora

尺寸(Size):21 x 21 x 65cm



創作即是生活,是 黃瑞元 這幾十年的生命脈絡。透過『啊!這個世界』系列作品,








黃瑞元 選擇陰乾10~15年完整的老木料進行創作。




每次欣賞 黃瑞元 這系列作品,總會想起他曾說過的:


Uh! It’s windy . ..


Creating is life, which has been Huang Jui-Yuan’s life journey for decades.

『Ah! This  world』the series record his life experience. Also it is an important and complete expression in his creating life.


『Uh! It’s windy...』this piece of work is carved greatly.

The deeply carved holes express the strong visual impact.

The rippling muscles. The fluttering cloak in the breeze.

The closed lips about to say something but the words just linger between the lips. They are symbols for the figure’s strong emotion.

The whole work reveals emotions modestly and variously

Huang Rui-Yuan uses the old wood, which has dried in shade for 10-15 years, for creation. 
The most chosen wood: Cinnamomum camphora , Cypress, Cassia...etc.
The wood of this work 『Uh! It’s windy...』is a special high density camphor. 
The wood bogged down in the mud for long time; therefore the color becomes dark gray.


When seeing the series works of Huang Rui-Yuan, the words『No matter how life is hard, there are some joy chips. Even though a smooth life, there are some insufficiencies. 』
said by Huang always come up in the brain.

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