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林慶松   LIN  Ching-Sung


‘People is like the land and plant. The plants grow up gradually. The leaves falling down on the land becomes nutrient and nourishes the land to grow next generations. This is the value of happy life. Now I am setting off for land of literature to find happiness.’

我喜歡用 林慶松 的柴燒花器插花,總是在一抹嫣紅與綠影的舞動之間想起跟他交遊的種種。 他的陶藝創作包括『生活陶』與『藝術陶』。從鍊土、塑形、燒製都在自己蓋的柴窯完成。燒窯的過程特別耗費心力,每每數個晝夜不眠不休的顧窯投柴,當然更需要經驗與技術來調控窯內的火候與氣氛。透過預留的小視窗可窺見窯內熾焰舞動,而烙印在胚體上的火痕與交疊落灰的流釉,彷彿洪荒初始般的滾動交融。經歷這辛苦的過程最終得到的回饋,就是即便連創作者都難以預料,必得開窯時才能窺見那一件件擄人目光,獨一無二的美。 作品像他的人,如窯火熾煉後沈厚溫潤。 發展了10幾年的創作系列,也是他與大女兒之間的特殊情感連結 ; 種子落土,生根與萌發新芽,意味著嶄新生命的開始。所以,每次在他分享作品時總是將之托於手心,意味從『心』出發,坦然面對創作與生活。 花開正紅,相思冬 ; 陶然共醉,自然芳 窯火溫暖,咱心房 ; 景緻如詩,若畫舫 陶沐 春風 ; 使泥 忘塵。

I enjoy doing flower bouquets with wood-fired pottery which is made by Mr. Lin Ching-Sung. The bouquets which interspersed with red and green inspire me the memories of getting along with him. His creation of pottery includes for use and artwork. Wedging clay, forming, and firing are done in the wood-fired kiln built by him. The process of operating a kiln exhaust one’s efforts completely. It would take several days and nights to operate a kiln. Further it needs experience and technology to control the temperature and condition in the kiln. Peeping through the reserved window into the kiln, the flame grow and spread. The burned mark and ash glaze on the clay show they fuse together naturally. The result which gets from difficult process is unpredictable, even for the creator. Only when the kiln is opened, the attractive and unique beauty of the pottery can be seen. His works are like him showing the characteristics of unpretentiousness and gentleness. Mr. Lin Ching-Sung has been creating the works over ten years. The series are also his special emotional connection with his eldest daughter. The seed drops on land roots and buds which means a new life start to grow.Therefore when he displays his works, he holds them on the palm of hands. The action means starting from heart and face creation and life honestly. Flower blooms in red, but miss winter. Reveling in joy, and wafting fragrance. Warm fire in kiln, and warm our heart. The epic and picturesque scenery is like gorgeous vessel. ​ Feel the spring breeze, be affectionate and forget the noisy.

【 花器01 】
【 花器02 】
【 花器03 】
【 花器04 】
【 花器05 】
【 花器05-1 】
【 花器06 】
【 花器07 】
【 花器08 】
【 花器09 】
【 花器10 】
【 花器11 】
【 花器12 】
【 花器13 】
【 花器14 】
【 花器15 】
【 花器16 】
【 花器17 】
【 花器18 】
【 獅子 】
【 獅子 】
【 獅子 】

學經歷│ 1994 - 2007 華陶窯  2002 成立 使泥窯 柴燒工作室 2012 華陶窯 陶作教學 聯展│ 1996 台灣 相思。 / 敦煌藝術中心展覽 1998 軟土 深掘。 / 敦煌藝術中心展覽 1999 花‧陶‧窯‧景創作聯展 / 玄門藝術中心展覽         器 。皿 華陶窯陶作展 / 台北遠企中心 2000 『秋日茶宴』茶與陶特展 / 華陶窯文化園區 2001 秋光掠影 陶作展 / 華陶窯 2004 窯窯相望 窯特展 / 華山藝文中心 2005 陶‧石‧木 手作聯展 / 大觀藝術中心 2007 華陶窯陶作展 / 鶴軒藝術中心 2008 華陶窯陶作展 / 鶴軒藝術中心 2011 使泥柴燒陶展 / 台南 白色小屋 2012 台南陶藝協會聯展 / 台南文化中心

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