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邵尊漢  SHAO Tsun Han

1979年退伍後,因緣際會的在部隊同袍介紹下來到新竹,開始玻璃工藝的創業之路。發展脫蠟鑄造、磨刻噴砂與坩鍋吹製等玻璃技術外,跨材質領域的學習如:陶瓷、彩繪、木器、砝瑯、人造花、金屬加工、紫外光膠合技術等亦多有涉略。 1995年,新竹市政府舉辦第一屆國際玻璃藝術節,驚訝於國外將玻璃定位為藝術創作的重要媒材,顛覆傳統以手工大量製作的商品生產觀念,所強調的是創作者內心世界,或所處環境為題材的藝術創作,以量少質精、價格高昂的玻璃藝術品展現於人們眼前。該次展出,震撼了當時已逐漸衰退的玻璃業界,迥異於國外創作觀念與作品強烈對比下,開始嘗試在既有的技術優勢上,將原本的玻璃工藝提升至玻璃藝術的層面。 ​ 近年則開始以空間藝術為下一階段創作目標,融合立體與平面創作之特色,期待將玻璃之美能以另一個面向呈現在眾人面前。

After leaving the army in 1979, by chance, Shao Tsun-Han was introduced to Hsinchu by a fellow in the army and started his career in glass crafting. In addition to the development of lost wax casting, grinding sandblasting, and crucible blowing, he also dabbles in cross-material fields such as ceramics, painting, wood, weights, artificial flowers, metal processing, ultraviolet light bonding technology, etc.   In 1995, the Hsinchu City Government held the first International Glass Art Festival which amazed Shao Tsun-Han: foreign countries have positioned glass as an important material for artistic creation, subverting the traditional concept of making mass production by hand, which emphasizes the creator’s inner world or the surrounding environment. As a result, the creations are displayed in front of people in the form of less quantity, high-quality, and high-priced glass artworks. This exhibition shocked the glass industry that was gradually declining at that time. Being dazed by the strong contrast between the foreign and domestic creative concepts and works, Shao Tsun-Han began to try to upgrade the original glass craft to the level of glass art based on the existing technical advantages.   Recently, space art has begun to be the next stage of his creating goal. By combining the characteristics of three-dimensional and flat creation, Shao Tsun-Han is looking forward to presenting the beauty of glass to the world in another aspect.

【 無題01 】30x45cm  I  彩繪玻璃  I 邵尊漢  2020
【 無題02 】30x45cm  I  彩繪玻璃  I 邵尊漢  2020
【 無題03 】30x45cm  I  彩繪玻璃  I 邵尊漢  2020
【 無題04 】30x45cm  I  彩繪玻璃  I 邵尊漢  2020
【 無題05 】30x45cm  I  彩繪玻璃  I 邵尊漢  2020
【 無題06 】30x45cm  I  彩繪玻璃  I 邵尊漢  2020
【 無題07 】 I  彩繪玻璃  I 邵尊漢  2020
【 無題08 】 I  彩繪玻璃  I 邵尊漢  2020

現任│ ​ 2002~迄今  新竹市國中技藝教育課程學生技藝競賽                   術科測驗評審委員 2002~迄今  新竹市富禮國中玻璃技藝班 指導老師 學經歷│ ​ 1979成立欣光玻璃工藝社(現為漢民琉璃工坊) 1995開始玻璃藝術創作 2005入選新竹百位 藝術家 2005大華技術學院玻璃創新營 講師 2012國際玻璃藝術節金玻獎 評審 2010大華技術學院玻璃創意中心 諮詢委員 2009~2012新竹風城藝術玻璃作家協進會 理事長 2017榮獲教育部第八屆資深技藝師傅 ​ 國內外個/聯展六十餘次

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