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吳佑杰 WU Yu Chieh


BFA, Changhua Da-Yeh University of the Visual Communication Design


I saw dependent, destroyed, absurd, blurry, fragmentary, various, and exhausted in life. The all memories result in current life. All I can express is what I saw. They are included the experiences which are in my past life. Invisibly and soundlessly, the experiences flash in the dark moments between waking and napping.

2019年盛夏的午後,吳佑杰 在畫室畫畫,他三歲的兒子也在一旁拿著畫筆學樣塗鴉,我索性坐下來跟他牙牙閒聊,看他在紙上尚難明確畫出形體,卻能以簡單線條,表達他所認定的畫面,例如:他會說自己畫的『圓圈』是停車場,旁邊的『點點』是車子。再過一會兒問他『圓圈』與『點點』時,他又會說是『游泳池』。孩子全然認定當下的感受,不受到束縛,這不否是藝術家創作時的自在? 吳佑杰 抽象系列作品都是當下的感受呈現,並未預設任何主題、想法與最後完成的視覺。創作過程中,偶爾畫筆會隨著顏料流動,直覺的線條,色塊結構堆疊出略顯具象的形體,那也並非刻意營造。抽象系列一直是他內心直觀與意識的傳達。 以複合媒材與油彩堆疊於畫布上,斑駁的透視感、線條不規則的流動、色塊躍然呈現,就像孩子一樣在畫布上無染的表達純真的一面。作品的『主題』通常是人們欣賞抽象作品時很重要的引入點,藉由文字揣測、來解讀畫面。但 吳佑杰 的作品在創作 時未預設任何主題,所以主題都是選自他喜愛的書中某篇章節,或是隨性組合而成的詞彙,因這些文字單純的表述他的生活經歷或是當下的感受。

The summer afternoon in August, Mr. Wu Yu-Chieh is painting in the studio; his 3 years old son is sitting beside and taking a pen to imitate painting as his father. I sit simply and babble with him. His painting is hard to be told the exact pattern by others; however he can explain the meaning of those simple lines by his cognitions. Take the circle and dot as an example, he would say those circles are parking lots and dots beside are cars. Few moments later, I ask him again; he answers they’re swimming pool. Children firmly believe every present feeling and are unlimited. Is this a kind of the artists’ freedom during creation? All Mr. Wu Yu-Chieh’s abstract works are showing the present feeling, which means he never set any topics, ideas and final visual results for them. During the painting process, sometimes the brush follows the pigment makes the lines intuitively, and the colors are layered concretely; however all of them are not be painted on purpose. The abstract painting is always telling his inner intuition and consciousness. It is painted and layered with composite materials and oil paint on the canvas. The mottled perspective, the irregularly floating lines, and the flashing colors, they are all like a child’s innocence showing on the canvas. Usually the ‘topic’ of a work is a key point leading people to appreciate a abstract painting. By the words to surmise and interpret the painting. However Mr. Wu Yu-Chieh never set any topic for his works in advance during painting process. Therefore the topic of his painting is chosen from some chapter in his favorite books or is combined with some words spontaneously. Those words express his life experience and current feeling simply. ​

【Solitude II】
【Solitude I】
【It takes two to make an accident】
【De novo】
【To say goodbye is to die a little】
【Subterranean Blues】
【a distant sound】
【Tender Is the Night】
【The real man smiles in trouble】
【Fragments of a piano】
【I'm not a drug salesman. I'm awriter】
【城市與島的記憶 3】
【The blueprint of my private library】

得獎│ 2019 全國美展油畫類 入選 2020 全國美展油畫類 入選 展覽│ 2023「Past」吳佑杰 個展‧ 美丘 2023-21「台中國際藝術博覽會」.美丘 2023-21「ONE ART藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2023-21「台南藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2022「ART TAIPEI 台北國際藝術博覽會」.美丘 2020「高雄、台中、福爾摩沙、ONE ART藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2019「Salon d'Automne 2019」‧美丘美朮 ‧法國巴黎 2019「高雄、台中、台南、新竹、福爾摩沙、FUTURE 藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2018「台中、福爾摩沙藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2018 Tokyo International Art Fair 東京國際藝術展 ​品牌│ 2018 作品授權時裝品牌 Just In Case 展出於紐約時裝週 2009-2017 圖像T恤品牌 paragraph 設計總監 2012 20號倉庫【If We Don’t Sell T-shirts】paragraph 品牌形象展 2010 默契咖啡【FROM】paragraph 品牌概念展

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