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張哲軒  CHANG Tse Hsuan

美術創作研究所 ‧ 國立台北藝術大學 


MFA,Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts



when he is creating, he always develops an image from the spirits and feelings and then transformed them into a kind of situation language (the atmosphere of artistic conception). And the atmosphere is not about emotions, but the passion of life, moral principles or serenity... is the atmosphere experienced in an instant.

記得2017年在高雄藝術博覽會看到 張哲軒 『洄流的詩』系列作品,著實吸引了我的目光。昂揚的枯枝在靜謐的白色畫面中特別孤絕有力,如生命經過時間與環境焠鍊後,兀自的在那個屬於自我存在的場域硬頸挺拔。24歲的他有著成熟的底氣。2018年在他研究所畢業前夕,我們在台北藝術大學天南地北的聊了許多。言談中我深刻的感受到他之於創作那近乎使命的熱忱。 ​ 退伍後還來不及好好放鬆休假,他就先來到美丘與我們分享軍旅期間所思考的種種,以及接下來的規劃。我好奇的問他為何前期作品會取名為『洄流的詩』?他回答說:『洄流如同海的潮汐,更迭流動,又彷若若翻開記憶中一篇篇的詩集,各自詮釋著細膩的片段。』 哲軒 由衷感性的說明,讓我們之間有了更進一步的理解與默契。 沈澱一年的哲軒近期所完成的『一瞬之間』、『躍然』、『潛行』等作品汲取『洄流的詩』裡頭的部分元素轉化出新思路,揮灑奔放的色彩與線條,蘊含更豐富的空間語言。畫面中的『風景』、『記憶』,透過抽象表達出速度與動態感,也轉化出如同『光』或『聲音』來詮釋視覺與內心的共振,超乎言語,直抵觀者的心。

I remember seeing CHANG Tse Hsuan's "Memory Poem" series at the Kaohsiung Art Fair in 2017, which really attracted my attention. The high-spirited dead branches are especially lonely and powerful in the quiet white picture as if after passing the quenching of time and environment, life itself stands tall and straight in the field of self-existence. At the age of 24, he has mature confidence. Before he graduated from graduate school in 2018, we had a lot of conversations at Taipei National University of the Arts. During the talking, I deeply felt his enthusiasm for creation that is nearly close to the mission.   Before he had time to relax after he was discharged from the army, he came to Mioka Art first to share with us the various thoughts during the military career and his upcoming plans.  I was curious to ask him why his earlier works were named "Memory Poem"? He replied: "The backflows are like the tides of the sea, changing and flowing, and as if to open a collection of poems in memory, each one interprets delicate fragments.”Tse Hsuan's sincere and perceptual explanation gave us further understandings and minds in sync.   After a year of precipitation, Tse Hsuan recently completed works such as "In a Flash", " Abruptly leaping", and "Poised". The creations have absorbed some of the elements from "Memory Poem" and transformed them into new ideas, swaying unrestrained colors and lines, which contain richer spatial language. The "landscape" and "memory" in the picture express the sense of speed and dynamic abstractly, and also being transformed into "light" or "sound" to interpret the resonance of vision and heart, which are beyond words and directly reach the viewer's mind.


得獎│ ​2020 全國美展油畫類入選 典藏│ ​2019 ⽂化部藝術銀行典藏-「夜露-1」、「夜露-4」 ​ ​ 個展│ ​2017 「⽩行│夜露」‧ 松菸開放藝⽂空間‧ 台北 2013 「時空敘事」‧ 台北 聯展│ ​2022「ART TAIPEI 台北國際藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2021「ONE ART藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2021「台南藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2020「ONE ART藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2020「台中、高雄、福爾摩沙藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2020「抽象自我」個展‧ 美丘 2019「台中藝術博覽會」‧ 美丘 2018 「Y.E.S TAIWAN VII」 ‧ 台北 2018 「未來的觀眾-迷你趨勢」 ‧ 台北 2017 「⾼雄藝術博覽會」 ‧ 高雄 2017-16 「台灣當代一年展」‧ 台北 2017 「知道」 ‧ 台北 2017 「福爾摩沙國際藝術博覽會」 ‧ 台北 2016 「歡迎歡迎」 ‧ 關渡地下美術館 ‧ 台北 2015 「SALE Arts mini cheese 迷你趨勢」 ‧ ⾼雄 2015 「沒有種」 ‧ 香港中⽂大學許⽒文化館 ‧ 香港 2014 「分⼿吧」 ‧ 關渡美術館 ‧ 台北 2014 「mini cheese 迷你趨勢」‧ 台北 2014 「我們的 1989-99 」‧ 台北 2013 「PARK」 ‧ 台北 2013 「美術創作卓越獎」 ‧ 關渡美術館 ‧ 台北 2012 「第六屆龍顏藝術創作獎」 ‧ 台中 ​ ​ ​ ​

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