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黃瑞元   Huang  Jui-Yuan

Ah! Listening to Huang Jui-Yuan’s Spiritual Storm

Visionary Poet - Shue He-He

    In “Listen. Wind and Rain,” Huang Jui-Yuan’s unique woodcarving expression attracts us by giving the impression that the body and clothing are being affected by the silent wind and rain; the deep and distant scar holes are reminiscent of stormy coastal cliffs that have waves crashing into them. This ancient lighthouse stood throughout the ages shining into the darkness, as light revolving through the suffering gave prominence to the remote spirit. Looking into the distance, it

is alone in the vastness depth of life.

    Listening to the wind and rain in the moment means taking notice of both the external wind and rain as well as the internal wind and rain of our personal trials and hardships, as the wind and rain are both qualitative and invisible. The wind and rain appear in various forms that correspond to various life issues: the spring rain is silent, the summer wind is hypnotizing, the autumn rain is worrisome, and the winter wind is as strong as frost. …or the rain is sweet and moist, or warm with the breeze, or destroys violently. The avenues of wind and rain are ruthless and leave behind countless emotional memories and notches in nature, the world, the home, the body, and the soul. These countless layers of chiseled imprints have a unique personality to hear one’s own voice in the wind and rain. In “Listen. Wind and Rain,” we can see the unique scenery constructed by Huang Jui-Yuan that that moves us to consider the "Ah! This World," artwork series and observe the spiritual storm.  


1986  Miaoli Wood Sculpture Exhibition Second Place Award

1987  Miaoli Wood Sculpture Exhibition Second Place Award

2006  The 9th Yulon Wood Sculpture Award Gold Award

2016  Taiwan International Wood Sculpture Competition

‭        ‬ Gold Award



1994  The 1st Buddhist Art Exhibition Taipei 

1996  Opening Exhibition‧Miaoli Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum

1997  Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition Taipei Museum

2008  Group Exhibition Contemporary Oil Painting and Sculpture   

2015  Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 

2016-2018  Formosa Art Mioka Art Taipei

2016-2018  Art Taichung Mioka Art Taichung

2016-2018  Art Kaohsiung Mioka Art Kaohsiung

2018  Art Hsinchu Mioka Art Hsinchu

2018  Art Tainan Mioka Art Tainan


Solo Exhibition

1986  Solo Exhibition Taipei 

1990  Solo Exhibition Bureau of Cultural Affairs

         Kaohsiung City 

1991  Solo Exhibition Bureau of Cultural Affairs


2009  Solo Exhibition Poetic Landscape Taipei 

2013  Solo Exhibition Ah! The World, Sanyi 

         Wood Sculpture Museum

2005  Solo Exhibition Looks of Life , Taichung

2005  Solo Exhibition Chaos Series, Sanyi  Wood Sculpture


Listen Wind and Rain

Ah! This World



美丘美朮 Mioka Art


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美丘美朮|雕塑家|黃瑞元|看看我 看看我

美丘美朮|雕塑家|黃瑞元|看看我 看看我

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